Thursday, 1 November 2012


Today my grandpa started his day early in prayer and then made it to the opening of GLS at 9am. He will be in his center in Jaela teaching straight after and having lunch with his students. Finally he will be coming home for dinner and some 
family time. This is actually a pretty normal day for him but today he turned 81. The energy and motivation that drives him sometimes even I can't fathom but it does prove to me that the unseen God we serve is so very real and almost tangible through his life. When God gives you purpose and responsibility he also gives you the heart to carry on, no matter what your situation or circumstance is. For we did not chose God but he chose us knowing exactly who we are but he saw us fit to carry out his plan and purpose on this earth. During his 81 years I think he has proved this to us over and over again. Happy birthday Seeya. May this yr be greater than your last.

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