Wednesday, 6 June 2012

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It is no secret I am slightly food obsessed. The nice thing about living on an Island is the seafood. It's annoyingly over priced since we export most of it, e.g Singapore Chilli crab is actually Sri Lankan crab!!! Anyway, on a happy note these are some of the best seafood dishes I've had this year. The squid is my mum's work. She is a culinary genius and her food is simply amazing. I will eat almost anything deep fried but squid is by far my favorite and its not easy getting this dish right. Other than my house another good place to have the dish is Chinese dragon, 'hot buttercuttlefish.' The prawns are from Trincomalee. We were invited by friends to a hotel (Cannot remember the name) and had some of the largest, yummiest and incredibly fresh prawns I'd had in a long time. No, this is not deep fried but dipped in sour cream it tastes perfect. If your in Colombo looking for a good prawn dish I would recommend  Crossroads and a dish called 'prawns'. The overall food in Crossroads is amazing if you want to try it out. 

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