Friday, 11 May 2012

J Baker's, Bistro Moderne

At first glace the place looks like any other food cafe in York.What stands out most is the freaky cow pictures (slightly annoying when you are consuming beef). My friend Lora, who is from York decided I needed to go check the place out before I left. She told me it was good but it was so much better than good!!! Anyway the whole concept is exciting. The waitress comes and asks you what you are allergic to and once said they take over. A complete surprise menu. Half the excitement is anticipating the next dish. The food is just unthinkably good! I would have never imagined consuming raw beef but when the dish came I could not say no and to be honest it was one of the best beef dishes I have had! My only mistake was not telling them I don't like chocolate. I didn't enjoy the dessert too much but by the time it arrived I was quite full so it really didn't matter. 

If you are ever in York do go check it out! I regret finding it so late in my stay in England. When I do go to England again I would travel all the way to York just for J Bakers (and Lora of course). I am going to go eat something now. All these food pictures are making me hungry!!

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