Sunday, 29 April 2012

Damindra Restaurant Copenhagen

Damindra's Restaurant Copenhagen. Easily the best Japanese I have ever had. Such a lovely place, insanely creative food and superb atmosphere. The desserts for instance was a sweet vegetable soup with ice cream which complimented it so very well. I have never enjoyed courgette, beetroot and ice cream as a combination or even as a standalone as much as I did at Damindra's. The lobster and sushi were mouthwatering. Each bite unforgettable. Japanese will never be the same after you try Damindra's place. He himself a lovely, friendly and insanely kind man. His talent is clear in his food and his passion for what he does is wonderful. My best friend introduced me to Damindra towards the end of my stay in Denmark. Really wish I had stayed around longer just for more of his food!!! A must do if your ever in Copenhagen.

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